Visum nach Russland in Wien. Visa-Service in Osterreich

To obtain a visa for Russia we need the following documents:


-Passport (has to be valid for at least another 6 months after the return trip and has to contain 2 empty pages)

-1 passport photo (in colour, 3.5 x 4.5 cm, neutral facial expression, frontal photo)

-A completed and signed electronic visa application form, original (we can complete it for you)

-Travel insurance policy (with worldwide coverage of at least 30.000 EUR and the name of the traveller). Accepted are: A copy of the policy or a certification of the payment and duration of the coverage.

-Completed insurance card

-Current registration certificate (not older than 3 months, only for those who are not Austrian)

- Sufficiently stamped self-addressed envelope to your address (alternatively you can enclose 5 EUR in cash)

-Order form for ALM Consulting Services



Invitation letter:

An invitation letter is also required for a tourist visa. Business visas require a business invitation for Russia.


You can obtain from us all sorts of invitations for Russia at a super price.

-                     Tourist invitation 30 days, 1-2 entries

-                     Business invitation 90 days, 1-2 entries

-                     Business invitation 365 days, multiple entries

-                     Business invitation 2-5 years, multiple entries


If you prefer to obtain the visa from the Russian consulate in Vienna yourself, we can also just arrange the invitation for you.

Order and receive the invitation within 5 minutes:


Important information:

-A visa can be requested no sooner than 90 days before the entry in Russia

-Travellers on a cruise ship do not need a visa for stays up to 72 hours, if they travel in guided groups. You do need a tourist visa if you want to move around on your own.

-You do not need a transit visa when you fly transit through Russia, if you do not leave the transit zone at the airport and your stay does not last longer than 24 hours. A transit visa is issued for a maximum of 3 (for plane passengers) or 10 days (for train passengers).

-Travellers for Belarus or Kazakhstan that fly transit through Russia absolutely need a transit visa for the Russian Federation.

-Registration in Russia: necessary when you stay longer than 7 days in a particular place. The days of entry and departure, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays do not count. Hotel guests can register at the reception, private travellers have to go to the post office or police. We can also organise the registration for you (please contact us)

-It is not possible to have various valid visas for Russia at the same time in your passport.


Consular fees for EU citizens:

Processing time

8-10 days       5 days            3 days            1 day*

Consular fee              35 EUR           70 EUR           70 EUR           70 EUR

VFS fee                      27 EUR           47 EUR           47 EUR           47 EUR

*Only possible in emergencies and with presentation of flight reservations.


Please note that the consular fees for citizens from outside of the EU (including Ireland, UK, Liechtenstein) are higher. We are happy to inform you 24/7!


The fees listed above do not include the costs for the invitation letter and our service fee. You can find our fees here.

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